De golflengte van Onda Italiana is vrij.
Het is de frequentie van de Italiaanse radio in Amsterdam. Het is ook het begin van een cultureel avontuur dat theater, onderwijs, films en nog meer bevat.
Omdat cultuur de wereld kan veranderen, meer dan politiek en zelfs meer dan economie. Geloven jullie dat?

La lunghezza d'onda di Onda Italiana è libera.
È la frequenza della radio italiana di Amsterdam. Ed è anche l'inizio di un'avventura culturale che comprende teatro, didattica, cinema e altro.
Perché la cultura può cambiare il mondo, anche più della politica o persino dell'economia. Non credete?

donderdag 10 mei 2012


(He enters, straight posture, hat on covering the eyes, puts circumspectly the suitcase in the middle of the stage and goes away)

He enters again, fast and a bit bent posture. He looks around and under the chairs of the audience.
He plays with his face: ‘Face’
Addressing the audience: ‘Faces’. He plays and touches the faces of the audience.
He looks for faces…

He sees the suitcase: ‘Suitcase!’ and then suddenly preoccupied. Voice like from a loudspeaker: ‘For security reasons, it's not allowed to leave your luggage unattended’. And then: ‘Terrorists?! Bomb?!’
With a gesture he shows he is not afraid of the suitcase and goes towards it. He opens it carefully, showing curiosity.

Big surprise! Inside the case there is a mask which he shows around with big satisfaction: ‘Face’ He puts the mask on and starts to play with his new face: ‘New face, another face’ ‘New identity, new life’

‘I can be what I want to be. You can be what you want to be’
He touches his face/mask again: ‘Real face?’
To the audience: ‘Real faces?’
He exits the scene laughing

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